bright stripes

Hello dear readers! How was your weekend?;) All last week in my city was rainy. But this weekend sun gladdened us!:)
Hope that now we have last days whem we wear our warm and cozy coats!
This cardigan I wear very rarely and think I'll corect this!;)
Have a great week!;)


12 unusual shirts

Summer is around the corner and we need to prepare slowly but surely!;)
Today I want to show you 12 t-shirts that will make your summer more bright!
Let's GO!!!


warmed by the sun

Good day dear readers! How are you?;)
This weekend was cold but sunny! I did a post at the most beautiful place that matches the color of my look!;) I like this combination of shirts and sweatshirts it's look in the same time casual and solid. What you can say about it?;)


fresh and bright

Hello dear readers!;) Sure that your weekend was great!!!
Weather at my city everyday becomes better and better! Real spring came.
I decided to wear favourite in this month shirt with pants and sneakers, think it's look good! What you can say about it?;)



Sports theme captured podiums all four fashion weeks: sneakers and running shoes everywhere!
Each of us have a pair of sneakers exactly, always been stylish to wear them! But lately particularly!
At first time sneakers are very comfortable. If you  you have enough time sneakers are the perfect shoes for you!;)


global warming

Good day dear readers! How was your week? My awesome! The first part of the week I had vacation. Weather was awesome for evening walks with friends! I made this post just in time for this walk! Hope weather will be good as last week and I'll can do posts for you!;)